Why Are We Insecure and How Should We Fix It?


Have you ever thought that insecurities can bring your system down as it can crush us when we cannot deal with it effectively? A question that so many of us can relate to.

All of us have our own insecurities and we silently battle with it just like depression, as it affects our well-being. This is prevalent to those who have so much emptiness and issues in life or to those who have feelings of resentment, frustration, and envy.

Insecurity refers to uncertainty, lack of confidence and assurance to oneself. It is something hard to treat, because its causes is either psychological or emotional. Therefore, before a person may undergo a therapy, we should know first where a person is coming from.

Comparing ourselves to others would naturally result in us feeling insecure so much so when we feel that our friends or even siblings are more intelligent, superior, good looking or talented. If that is what we usually feel and think towards others it will always have an impact on our behavior.

Sometimes, if we have so much of it we always feel sorry for ourselves resulting in loss of confidence, low moral and low self esteem. Most of the time, we appear or end up to be loser even without first giving it a try since we immediately acknowledge our weaknesses and fears.

As a consequence, we have full of apprehensions and we tend to ask ourselves “what if and what about”. Although we assume that we are only cautious, but deep inside we are being swallowed by our insecurities.

Believe it or not, fear of failing is a form of insecurity leading to hamper our growth and success. It makes us live in misery and despair. Some of us try to fight it off by personally developing ourselves to be at least a more balanced person. But those who overdo it tends to be trying hard which instead uncloak their insecurities.


It is worthy to note that the only antidote for insecurity readily available are within us.

Obviously, insecurity does not have a pill for its cure or a dose of medicine easily available in the market for its immediate rehabilitation. If we cannot stop envying others regarding things or characters that we do not possess; then, therapy is required mentally and emotionally.

We become unhappy and always feel frustrated as we go on with our lives because one of the causes of our insecurities is disappreciation of our skills by other people. This springs from our eagerness to be likened by others and to let them feel that we are also worth to be appreciated.

Remember, we are all social animals that is why we try to shield ourselves from criticisms coming from others which are big deal to us to consider. Insecurities make us feel uncomfortable as we mingle with others.

In dealing with our insecurities, we should learn to be more contented with what we generally have. And we should strive to improve ourselves and become a better person inside out. Insecurity will only go away if we learn to love, appreciate, and accept who we are.