What To Expected When You Get Cast For a Movie Role

There’s nothing more thrilling for an aspiring actor than to be cast for a role. Those who are more experienced with the industry often shared their views on the first projects they’ve taken part in. Most of them mention being completely surprised by the process of being cast for a role to being invited to the set. What most experienced actors mention is a sudden and confusing process of filming, as well as the detailed steps they’re expected to take upon arrival to the set. Here’s what you should expect when you get called to play a part in a movie:

1. Short-notice phone calls

If you’ve expected a head’s up at the beginning of the shooting, you’re in for a big surprise. Since numerous elements need coordination for the shooting to actually begin, you won’t get a call to come on set until the day or the night before. This means no short trips if you got cast, perfect hygiene and grooming at all times, no meals skipping and, most important, enough sleep before the day you expect to get a call. This is besides from learning your lines, you’ve been given a script in advance.

2. Detailed instructions to follow

When you get a call from an agent or the production representative, you’ll receive instructions for the path to take to show up on time. Showing up on time is a difference between being in a movie and being written off. If you receive a detailed map that contains the route you should take and the exact spot to show up in, make sure to follow it to the smallest detailed. With large-scale movie sets, it might be impossible to find your way to the right location. Don’t expect t to be able to manage on your own. Instead, take in all the information you get, print out all the paperwork you’re provided, and simply do what you’re told.

3. You’re being monitored

Medium and large-scale filming sets may seem chaotic. You may feel like you’re free to act any way you like. But, this is far from the truth. Everyone who works on the set will be observing the cast’s manners, down to the extras (no matter how many there are). If you act professional and polite at all times, it will be recognized, remembered and rewarded. If you’re rude to the crew and the staff on set, expect to not receive another call from them.

4. You’ll spend a lot of time waiting

No one can properly schedule the time frame and the pace in which the scenes will be shot. No one can tell you when a previous scene will finish and that you’re up next. This means you will spend a crazy amount of time waiting. This means you should keep yourself occupied. Bring a book or music to listen to, so that the waiting goes by faster.