This Is How You’ll Beat Procrastination Once And For All


Feeling inadequate and fearing failure is the main reason why some people fall victims to procrastination. There are millions of reasons why you may not have to do something, but resisting to give in to them and work through fears is the only way to become more effective. Not everyone procrastinates for feeling afraid and overwhelmed. If your fears are deeply hidden, desire to procrastinate on a subconscious level can display as constant tired feeling, sudden appetite or desire to do anything else when you’re supposed to be doing the actual work. People, as well as motivation influencers, have been working out numerous strategies to beat procrastination. If none of them work for you, here are a couple more ways to force yourself into doing what you’re supposed to when you don’t feel like it:


1. Invest


Investing in a task will condition a person to perform it, or else their investment will go to wait. For example, if you want to write a detailed report, but know you will delay writing until the very last hours, arrange for someone to come in and help you do it. Or, if you have kids, pay a babysitter to sit in a couple of hours. When you know you’ve invested in a task in advance, you will be less tempted to delay. That friend of yours took from their own time to come in and help you, and you won’t let that be in vain. You’ve paid that babysitter, and you won’t let the money be thrown away. When the time comes, you will want to justify the cost. It’s that simple.


2. Create a deadline


The most difficult tasks to complete are those without a deadline. When you feel like you have all the time in the world to complete a task, you will delay it indefinitely. The trick with CREATING a deadline, as oppose to setting it, is to create a situation that will condition you to complete the task in question. If you’ve been delaying home repairs or wrapping up business contracts, schedule and organize an event in the amount of time it will take you to finish the task. When you know you’ll be hosting a dinner or a party, you will have to finish the work to make the space presentable. If you’ve been delaying finishing major business projects, announce the party (or a small get-together) in the honor of the client or reaching a milestone. Knowing that there is an actual deadline for what you need to do, otherwise, all your efforts will go to waste, will not let you delay the work.


3. Create urgency


Urgency is the most effective remedy for procrastination. If the current situation doesn’t have it, then you should create it. If you’ve been postponing a doctor’s appointment because you feared hearing uncomfortable news, schedule a trip or a short getaway. Since you can’t afford to get sick on a trip, you will go to the doctor. If you’ve been slacking at work, volunteer to help another co-worker. This will create urgency to complete your own work.