Sexual excitement in men – once all goes downhill

Key mistake – abstinence

If a man who senses that his cock becomes softer that he is going to fall, that he will not be able to endure in sex, that he will not be too fat, that he will leave his partner or a sure sign of being impotent, there will be an additional reduction in sexual excitement and his negative prophecy will be realized or lose the erection. Once the erection is completely lost, men most often make a key mistake, which is to stop sexual activity. If you continue with various other forms of sexual behavior (petting, kissing, stimulating partner’s hand, orally satisfying), they would normally be revitalized, ie experienced an erection. This is an important way to help with these moments, and before experimenting during partner sex, it is recommended to strengthen your understanding of a normally oscillating erection so that during masturbation two or three times let the erection lose and then continue with manual stimulation. The man in this way learns that the loss of erection does not mean that she is lost forever.

Of all the sexual disorders, men usually seek help because of this, as it seems to them, it represents significant frustration and suffering. A large number of men resort to seeing them with quick solutions, i.e. consuming a ‘small blue tablet’, and unfortunately they often buy and take it without a doctor’s permission and supervision. The availability of other forms of help (such as sex therapy or counseling) helps men to recognize and reflect the reasons for the occurrence and maintenance of the problem.