Natural Skincare Tips for People Over the Age of Fifty


Healthy skin is important at any age, not just in the later years of our lives. What we do now in our younger years will determine how our skin will look and feel later when we get up in age. There are many ways to keep the skin supple and healthy looking when we up in age, such as having a proper diet, moisturizing our skin at least once or twice per day, as well using the right kind of skincare products. When a person gets up in age, their skin will tend to change as in the texture and within the way that it looks, so what can a person do with their skin if they are over fifty? Today, we are going to be discussing some natural skin care tips for persons over the age of fifty.


The Usage of Sunscreen Every Day

Choosing to wear sunscreen every day with your moisturizer is a lovely idea because a person is out in the sun more so than they imagine. You are running in, and out of the house more than you take note of and for this, you will need always to be protected with sunscreen on. It would be recommended that you wear at least a 40 SPF moisturizer for your face and neck. It would hurt to put it on your hands, too. Even if it’s raining outside, you still need to put it on because the sun’s rays can break through the storm clouds.


Knowing How to Cleanse Your Skin

Knowing just how to cleanse your skin will either help to make you look younger or older before you time and people that are aged fifty and more really need to take into consideration that dry skin will hit when older age comes, so using products that don’t zap the moisture from your skin is vital. Make sure you are only purchasing items that will add extra moisture to your skin when you shower or bathe. It’s important that when we get up in age, we take extra good care of our skin by adding moisture to it as much as possible because this will help the overall appearance to look more youthful, firm, and supple. We would recommend that you purchase Dove products because Dove items have a lot of moisturizing properties added to them, especially the body washes and the soaps.


Finding That Perfect Oil

Did you know that oils are one of the hottest trends in skincare today? Finding that perfect oil for your face, neck, and hands will aid in giving you that perfect hydration. It seems as though everyone is talking about their new favorite oils and how it works for their skin nowadays. Keep in mind that oils are more on the natural side versus creams and it would be best if you could purchase high quality extra virgin oil or unrefined oils because they will glide on quite smoothly, as well will leave your skin feeling dewy and plump.


Exfoliation Is Vital

Exfoliation is so important when we get older and begin to age because that outer layer of our skin is a top layer of dead skin and that will thicken as you begin to age. It’s so important that you get that off of there to make sure your skin stays as soft and supple as it can. If you want to see fresher skin on your face, you should be exfoliating at least three times per week during bath or shower time. Exfoliate your face, neck, and overall body every week and if you tend to be more on the drier side, make sure you are exfoliating at least three times each week.


Dealing with Spider Veins

Most people, especially women when they age will have a few spider veins on the legs, and while some reports state that there isn’t much a person can do with them, there are a few things that work. If you want temporary relief, you can get some over the counter concealer to cover up the spider veins, but if you want to get them forever removed, we would recommend that you go see a plastic surgeon. There is a procedure called Sclerotherapy where a salt solution will be injected throughout a very fine needle, applying it directly into the vein to make it disappear.