What No One Told You About Belly Fat


If the only idea you had about belly fat loss was “eat less, exercise more”, it’s no wonder you’ve been putting in all these efforts to achieve only modest results. Fat cells in the abdominal area have specific qualities compared to those in the rest of your body. Reducing belly fat will hence require a different approach than other parts of the body. It requires e specific balance between cardio and muscle-building exercises, enough hydration, dietary changes and other influences for the fat cells to sharing. Here are a couple of facts about abdominal weight loss you didn’t know:


1. Fat cells grow, they don’t multiply

The belly grows along with the fat cells underneath the skin. Despite what you might’ve thought, fat cells don’t multiply due to eating unhealthy. Instead, they pile up fats and unused energy, which causes them to grow in size. The most effective way to reduce the abdominal area is to increase the influences on fat cells that help them metabolize and burn fat faster. This way, they will reduce in size and the belly will appear smaller. What do you need to do to achieve this result? Increased cardio workouts and adequate meals that promote faster metabolism will do a lot more than a restrictive diet with insufficient calorie intake, which only slows the metabolism down.


2. It comes from your liver

When your liver doesn’t work at its best performance, it won’t be able to process fats and get them out of your body. Liver slows down mainly due to a low-nutrient diet that is high in carb intake and monosaturated fats. Once the liver starts slacking, you will start piling up excess pounds and belly fat. What does this mean for you? Getting the liver checked for fat build-up is the first step towards a speedy weight loss. If the liver is working slower than normal, the doctor will prescribe you with medication and the appropriate diet to help you treat the condition.

3. Abdominal fat makes a huge belly

It’s not only the fat underneath your skin that makes the belly appear large. It’s also the fat build-up between the internal organs. If you have a huge belly, but it seems firm and tight, you’ve probably built up fatty supplies inside the abdomen. The good news is that this form of the abdominal fat is the easiest to reduce. It responds well to increased activity, dietary changes, and increased hydration, which means all efforts you take in order to reduce the belly will show results in a matter of weeks.

4. Prebiotics are a must

Firm, rounded belly isn’t only a result of belly fat. It is also a result of loading. When intestinal flora, a layer of protective bacteria thinners due to inadequate diet, gas builds up inside the bowels and the belly becomes bloated. This doesn’t have to cause other health problems, but it can leave you wondering why your stomach looks huge even though you’re not overweight.