These Things Were Once Considered Pretty But Know Thought Ugly


What we think of as pretty is merely a social construct that changes throughout decades and centuries. Beaty standards reflect the social climate of the era and have always had a lot to do with social status and younger and healthier appearance. The result is some of the most interesting beauty standards out there. A couple of things we now think of as ugly or even scary were once considered beautiful, charming and appealing. Here are a couple of those things:


1. Large nose


Throughout classic Roman & Greek period, as well as the medieval era, large noses were thought to be a gorgeous facial feature. Nowadays, everyone desires the smallest possible nose, even if it means going through plastic surgery to get it. Not that there’s anything wrong with large noses now, but there hardly found beautiful. Since the small nose standard sort of defies the anatomy of the majority of people, and very few have a naturally small nose, not possessing the beautiful feature causes insecurities in a lot of people. One might say that pretty much 90% of folks these days would be happier with the ancient standard.


2. Female body hair


Unlike today, when women are expected to remove all the hair from their body except their head, female body hair was considered beautiful until very recently. The trend lasted all the way to late 80’s of the XX century. Unlike today, when female hair is considered a sign of poor hygiene habits and low maintenance, in the past century it was a symbol of adulthood. Not only that the modern type of hair removal wasn’t widely known of, but the existence of what is now thought to be ugly was once a symbol of femininity and good health.


3. Ne eyebrows

Renaissance women shaved their eyebrows, which was thought to be elegant and beautiful at the time. It was also a protective measure against lice. There’s a variety of styles in beauty and standards nowadays, but people rarely find no-eyebrow appearance pretty.


4. Partially shaved head


Women used to shave parts of their hair on top of their forehead. This was added protection against lice, and the exceptionally large forehead was also thought to be beautiful. This is one of the most interesting ancient beauty trends, especially because many people fail to even notice it, but notice there’s something unusual about the appearance of the face.


Nowadays, small noses and full lips, along with thick eyebrows, are a beauty trend that would pretty much go unnoticed in the earlier eras. If you think what was once beautiful is now unusual, think about how modern beauty standards will seem strange to future generations.